Alex - Lost Cat AuthorHi there! My name is Alex and I’m a lifelong cat-lover. I’ve had pet cats all my life; I’ve adopted kittens, rescue cats and strays. There’s just something about cats and their behavior that I find absolutely fascinating. As someone who has kept pet cats for over 45 years, I have a lot of experience with domesticated house cats.

In 2017, one of the cats went missing. Vanished. Gone. We had absolutely no idea where she was and we tried everything to find her. Fortunately, she came back after a week, slightly thinner but unharmed. But I wasn’t willing to take that risk again with her, or any of my cats.

So, I began to research ways to prevent my cats from going awol. I become somewhat of an expert on the topic, so created this site to help others protect their cats from getting lost.

I also started volunteering in a Facebook group for local lost pets and helped dozens of cats become reunited and find their way home. It feels like my calling in life is to help lost cats and their distressed owners!

Did you know that most cats don’t go very far at all? In fact, it’s so common for people to find their “lost” cats hiding out inside their house, seriously! It’s common for cats to wander off and do their own thing, sometimes for a few hours, sometimes a few days. Occasionally, a cat will wander into a shed or garage and get locked in by mistake! Oh no!

Cats are very independent animals and that’s why we love them. They can take care of themselves for long stretches of time so cat owners are quite happy to allow their cat to freely roam around, going in and out as they please. Most cats have the freedom of using a cat flat too. Most of the time, cats will stay near their home because familiar territory is safe. Sometimes, cats disappear for days at a time with no explanation, giving some very anxious owners some long and sleepless nights.

If you’ve wondered why your cat does this and how you can prevent it or help them come home if they do get lost, you’re in the right place!

This website is dedicated to helping you find your cat, if s/he has gone missing recently, I can help.  I’m not a cat behavior expert but I’ve spent a whole lifetime with cats around me at home and at work. I’ve had indoors cats, outdoors cats and a combination of the two.

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If you’ve found a cat who appears to be lost…

If you’ve seen a cat recently, perhaps more than once, and you think that s/he may be lost. So many people don’t actually know what to do if you find a lost cat! Sometimes, a cat will be in his/her own safe territory. Suddenly, a loud noise happens; a car backfires nearby that startles the cat, who is already a bit skittish and that cat darts off to find a hiding spot. When the cat feels ready to come out of the hiding spot… s/he is confused, lost, nothing seem familiar. This is how a cat gets lost.

This article will give you advice and tips on what to do if you find a lost cat. Click here.