Positive Cat Reunions with Owners After Going Missing

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This page contains all of the positive and happy cat stories where owners have been reunited with their pets after they’ve gotten lost or gone missing! Some cats go missing for days, weeks, months, or even years at a time but come back home unscathed by the experience.

If you have your own positive cat reunion story to share with us or the world, get in touch and we can publish it on this page!

Collection of Happy Cat Stories & Reunions

Happy cat stories: reunited with owners after getting lost or missing

Eight Months Later…

My cat disappeared, she was always in and out but one day she stopped coming home. She was chipped, but we live near a railway so I feared the worst and gave up all hope. 8 months later, I was vacationing in Japan when I had a had a phone call from a man back home. He had my cat and was 8 miles from where I live. The cat had been stray-ing locally and he took her to be scanned. I was reunited with my cat after 8 long months! – David, Wales, UK

Locked in a Shed…

One of our beloved Tom cats disappeared. He was mostly a house cat but sometimes ventures into the garden. One sunny evening he just did return and the whole family were worried. We did the lot, posters, calling around animals shelters and pestering the neighbors. Turned out, he was locked in a garden shed for 6 days. Someone has gone away for a long weekend and the poor cat was trapped inside. Luckily he was ok but I’ll never forget that feeling of dread! – Sophie, London, UK

Walking the Streets…

My cat was missing for a week when I found him. I’d been walking the streets at night when I heard a scratching coming from inside a garage. When I got closer I heard a frantic cat inside. I banged on that front door louder than I imagined possible, desperate to see my boy. It was a very old lady who answered, she had a man round to mow the lawn and the cat must have got inside! If I hadn’t checked, that garage wouldn’t have been opened again for a very long time. So happy to be reunited with my boy! – Mary, Kentucky, USA

The Chimney Sweep…

So, our cat disappeared one day and there was no sign of her. Then, 2 weeks later, she appeared in our kitchen, covered in soot as is nothing had happened. We think she got stuck up a chimney, that’s the only explanation! – Sandra, Manchester, UK

Stuck in a Tree

One night, I noticed that we hadn’t seen our smallest cat for a few days and it had been raining heavily. The rain had stopped and it was a very still night, I could hear a distant animal… it was the cat stuck in a pine tree way down the end of the garden. We had to get a large ladder to help her down, as she couldn’t seem to get down on her own! – Declan, Vancouver, Canada

A Midnight Caller…

My mother lives alone with her cat who is out all the time, it’s quite normal for him to be gone days so she wasn’t worried. One Friday night, her phone rang and it was a stranger on the end of the line. It was a woman from 3 streets away, calling the number printed on the cat’s collar, letting my mother know that the cat seems to have a second home! Apparently, he often spent the night there and they finally called my mom in case she was worrying! He still spends most of his time between his two homes… – Helena, Santa Fe, New Mexico

The Cupboard Under the Stairs…

I usually get my two cats in at night, but it’s not a big deal if they want to stay out for the night. One night, only one of my vats was back by the time I wanted to go to bed, I went to sleep and went to work the next day. When I came home, there was still no sign of my other cat, which was very strange and not like her. So, I went out searching the gardens and the neighbourhood for a couple of hours. Then, when I got home I heard a scratching noise from under the stairs… she was in the cupboard. D’oh. – Anonymous

This page will constantly be updated with new positive cat reunion stories! If you have one to share, don’t forget to submit it here so we can feature it on this website!

This post contains affiliate links. That means that, at no extra cost to you, we may receive a small commission if you buy a product using one of the links on this page. Read our full disclosure here.

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