Pod 3 Tracker Review: A Highly Advanced GPS Cat Tracker

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If you’re concerned about your cat getting lost or going missing, the Pod 3 GPS Cat Tracker is one of many cat tracking devices available that can help track your cat. This is a full and detailed Pod 3 Tracker review. The tracker, which is suitable for both cats and dogs, works in 175 countries, where ever there is a cellular reception, you can be sure that your cat is safe with a Pod 3 Tracker!

If you’re considering buying a cat tracker, Pod 3 is a very popular choice for cat owners, it’s one of the best-selling tracking products available. But, despite all the hype, how do you know if it’s right for you? Hopefully, this review will answer your questions about the Pod 3 Tracker!

When my cat went missing, it was one of the most traumatic and stressful moments of my life. There was no way I was willing to take that risk again, so I started researching Cat Trackers and immediately came across the Pod 3 Pet Tracker.

Pod 3 Tracker Review – Track your Cat and get Peace of Mind!

Pod 3 is a cat tracker that uses multiple different technologies to track your cat. It uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to detect the location of your cat, by means of a tracking device that attaches to your cat’s collar and a mobile app. You can then see where your cat is in real-time using an app on your smartphone – how convenient?!

Pod 3 Trackers also make the most of 3G/4G cell reception, WiFi and Bluetooth signals to help locate your cat, where ever they are!

In order to work, the Pod 3 tracker requires a subscription to their tracking service, which allows you to access the tracking technology, web platform and mobile app. Pod 3 is a highly advanced tracker for your cat, with many useful features.

Pod 3 Tracker Review for Cats
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Features of Pod 3 GPS Cat Tracker

Wow! Pod 3 has so many features that will give you peace of mind when you cat goes out and about around the neighborhood.

Real-Time Unlimited GPS Tracking in 175 Countries

That’s right! Whether your cat is 20 feet away or 20 miles away, in almost any country in the world, you’ll be able to pinpoint his/her location with absolute accuracy.

Being able to track your cat’s movements in real-time is both an entertaining novelty and a great way to find your cat, should s/he get lost or wanders too far.

Runaway alert

If your cat has wandered too far, the app will give you an alert to let you know immediately, allowing you to check his/her location. You can set up and define ‘safe zones’ for your cat and get an alert when they venture away from it.

Monitor your Cat’s Activities

This unique feature will allow you to view your cat’s health, fitness, movement and rest information. The mobile app can tell you how long the cat has been walking, running, resting, etc – which is fascinating!

Location History History

Using the mobile app, you’ll be able to see where your cat has recently been. This is great for answering the age-old question: “Where do cats go when they’re roaming?” You’ll be able to learn much more about your cat’s territory and movements. Your cat probably has a routine or a patrolling area, it can be very entertaining (and surprising) to stalk your cat’s location history!

Interchangeable Batteries

The Pod 3 Tracker comes with 2 batteries and a charging dock. Expect the battery to last around 3 days in ‘safe zone’ mode; having the spare/interchageable battery is highly useful, meaning one can be in use whilst the other one is charging.

Works both Inside and Outside

Whether your cat is hiding indoors or outdoors, Pod 3 will be able to find him/her! If you’re inside, you can use the app to call the chip. It will make a noise and help you locate your cat.

The GPS tracking is for use when your cat goes outside to roam the neighborhood. You can use three modes on the app:

  • Map – see your cat’s location on the map
  • Compass – see which direction your cat is in
  • Radar – uses your phone’s camera for an Augmented Reality view to locate your cat

All of these modes are pretty cool and novelty to be honest, and incredibly useful in any situation where you need peace of mind about your beloved cat.

Fully Waterproof

Pod 3 GPS Cat Tracker is fully waterproof, it can handle any water that your cat may encounter, such as rain, splashes, drinking from the faucet. I personally wouldn’t recommend submerging it, although I’m sure it would be fine – it just feels wrong to do that purely to test it!

Very Easy to Set up and Use

Upon delivery of the Pod 3 GPS Cat Tracker, I was so eager to get it set up. At the time, I had 2 cats and only one GPS Tracker. I was using TabCat at the time which comes with 2 trackers, however, this was the first GPS Tracker I’ve tried.

Setup was very easy, although it does require a subscription billed monthly or annually (annually is significantly cheaper than monthly). This allows you to track your cat accurately using the app and use the phone call/noise activation features as there’s actually a SIM card inside the device.

Upon first use, you’ll have great fun tracking your cat in real-time and testing all of these features out.

3 Different Operating Modes

The three modes of the Pod 3 Tracker are:

  • Standby mode
  • Safe Zone mode
  • Adventure mode

Standby mode has many of the features disabled, but had the longest battery life, whereas adventure mode drains the battery within just a few hours. You can easily change the mode during use.

Pros of Pod 3 GPS Cat Tracker

  • Accurate GPS Real-time tracking
  • Mobile app and web platform allows you to see exactly where your cat is in 3 different modes
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Health and fitness monitoring
  • Lightweight – just 4.2grams (less than 0.15oz)
  • Voice call feature to talk to your cat from a distance
  • Runaway alert for extra peace of mind
  • Works very well indoors and outdoors
  • Interchangeable batteries and handy charging dock

Cons of Pod 3 GPS Cat Tracker

  • Pod 3 is one of the larger cat trackers, it’s 2″ x 0.9″ (52 x 25mm) and weighs approximately 1.1 oz (32 grams.) Many of the other cat trackers such as TabCat and Weenect weigh just 4-6 grams and are much smaller.
  • The monthly subscription is necessary in order to make use of all the features. It makes sense, due to the GPS data, I feel that once you pay for something, then it should be bought with everything enabled. There’s no free trial period, you get charged immediately.

Overall Rating of the Pod 3 Cat Tracker

4.8/5 – An extremely reliable cat tracker with loads of features, perfect for anxious pet owners or those with high-risk pets (wanderers, cats with health conditions, pedigree cats, etc). You can not go wrong with this tracker for added peace of mind.

Where to Buy Pod 3 Cat Trackers

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Pod 3 is a very popular cat tracker on Amazon at the moment. Do you use the Pod 3 GPS Cat Tracker? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

This post contains affiliate links. That means that, at no extra cost to you, we may receive a small commission if you buy a product using one of the links on this page. Read our full disclosure here.

Pod 3 Cat Tracker




Battery Life




Other Features



  • Accurate GPS Real-time tracking
  • Mobile app and web platform allows you to see exactly where your cat is in 3 different modes
  • Voice call feature and runaway altert
  • Interchangeable batteries with handy charging dock for convenient continuous use


  • Monthly subscription is necessary in order to make use of all the features
  • Fairly large for a smaller cat to wear on his/her collar

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